Welcome to Hey! Mikey Likey!–a family recipe repository. Unlike other recipe sites, Hey! Mikey Likey! is designed especially for families and folks who are cooking for kids and other particularly picky eaters. Sit back, get comfortable, and I’ll tell you a bit about why Hey! Mikey Likey! came to be.

I come from a family that loves food. Our passion for food is evident in everything we do:

  • We eat it (obviously);
  • Talk about it;
  • Experiment with it;
  • E-mail about it;
  • Blog it; and
  • Yes, most definitely carry it around on our waist-lines.


Collectively–we are a large family in every sense of the word–we have a huge number of tasty recipes to satisfy our food desires. We share them with each other whenever we get together, BUT…

I for one was getting tired of trying to find my favorites in such a sea of possible locations, and I am much too lazy to actually put them all on index cards.

So… Hey! Mikey Likey! was born. It is the brain child of Mark and Shana Henrichsen and Christine Rodriguez, inspired by Life cereal’s finicky-est eater, Mikey (“Hey Mikey! He likes it!”), and a compulsive need for more child-friendly recipes in a search-able format.

Shana’s husband comes from a family even larger than ours and brought with him a whole host of deliciousness.  Melanie married a Colombian who introduced us to a host of wonderful new recipes.  Kathy found loads of healthy and inexpensive recipes when she married her husband, Dan.  Mom provided us with years of nutritious dinners, tasty desserts, and quick and easy snacks.  Our brothers married creative cooks as well, so our sisters-in-law helped us expand our culinary repertoires.

You are invited to come try our recipes, rate them, and leave us lots of feedback on how they turned out. We also encourage family members to register and submit their favorites for us all so we never have to call and bother you again late at night, on a weekend, or in the middle of something important.

Oh! And I wanted to remind you–don’t forget the pictures! It’s always nice to see what the finished product is supposed to look like or at least how much fun you had making it.

If you are a member of a food-passionate family, let us know and we’ll set up a category for you, too. Just send an e-mail to csrodriguez1970@gmail.com with your family name. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions in general, please feel free to e-mail us.

Now go on, get cookin’!